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Winter weather

#1 Postby hurricanefloyd5 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:14 pm

I am located in Oklahoma City and this is my first winter here in Oklahoma City and my question is will we see several snow and or ice storms come through here this year for the winter time

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Re: Winter weather

#2 Postby Meteorcane » Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:51 pm

I lived in the OKC area for a few years, although there does seem to be a cool down in the medium range guidance (e.g. next Tuesday) doesn't look quite cold enough for wintry precip just yet.In a more general sense, as a whole the "character" of OKC winters varies considerably from year to year. For example receiving 10-12 inches of snow and/or 2-3 major icing events in a winter is certainly possible as is only getting 1-2 weak winter precip events and no significant snow or ice accumulations. I would recommend looking at the Texas Winter thread in this forum for info regarding the Climate indices (e.g. ENSO, EPO, NAO etc.) which do show some correlation with temperatures and precip. All in all, be prepared for anything from almost no real winter, to a few decent shots of winter precip and several consecutive days of sub-freezing high temps. Always root for limited freezing rain and sleet events though as those tend to be the most disruptive.

I am guessing you are moving from Florida (based on your location)? I also moved from Florida (Miami), it will definitely be a bit of change from FL (although it is definitely not as cold as say the Northern Plains, Midwest, or Mountain west), particularly the strong post-frontal northwest winds which can make a few days each winter biting cold (e.g. wind chills below 0). It is much more exciting though for a meteorologist and/or weather lover as Frontal passages in the Plains are something to behold (not to mention the excitement of the severe weather season in the spring).

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