Solar Charger for Laptops/Netbooks, etc.

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Solar Charger for Laptops/Netbooks, etc.

#1 Postby HurricaneQueen » Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:04 pm

I have a question for all of you wonderful people. Does anyone know of a good, reliable solar charger for a laptop that preferable will also work with iPhones, iPads, cameras, cellphones, etc? I do have a solar panel but it doesn't have the connectors that I need and I am unable to find them anywhere.

I found this one that sounds great but it comes from China which may take a long time to get here and doesn't have many reviews. I do like dealing with Amazon and do so when ever possible. This one sounds as if it has everything I need but will it be here before hurricane season is over? :roll:

Thanks for any input you can provide,

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