Everyone in Hurricane Prone areas Please call your Agent

This will be the place to find all your hurricane prep information. Whether it be preparing your home, family, pets or evacuation plans here is where to find the information you need.

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Everyone in Hurricane Prone areas Please call your Agent

#1 Postby wayoutfront » Wed Mar 15, 2006 3:02 am

and get a replacement cost policy. I know its a bit more, but if you are hit, it will make a huge difference in your recovery.

There are quite few different levels of coverage. Some policy's indemnify with depreciation for age some are paid at replacement cost

Make sure you are adequately covered . Almost all Insurance policy's have penalty for under-insuring your property. Most Carriers the last cpl years have been extremely generous in not enforcing those co-insurance provision.

If you have certain valuables like a very expensive painting or antique , make sure you tell your agent about it. If you have 10,000.00 painting or bedroom suit It needs to be listed , or you will paid for a average painting and frame or a normal bedroom suit

It will make your experience with the Insurance Company much better, If you ask your agent now under different scenarios what you would be covered for and any changes you need to make. That way you will know what your policy says and what the terminology means.

Are you covered for an off premise power outage?
Are electronics covered by artificial power surge?
Is your exterior paint and finishes covered?

If you ask and act now, you will not be bitter later, because you can add or take away coverages.

Please also if you are in a hurricane, start protecting the undamaged portions of your home the best you can as quick as you can do it safely and document it. In your policy you agree to do so, and if you don't "try" to protect against further damages. Any new damages can be denied.

Also take as many photos as you can ( a disposable camera should be in your hurricane kit) of the damages before you start to clean up and tarp. Its an invaluable tool to you and your adjuster. ( and the insurance company will reimburse you ) or even get the film developed.

Turn your breakers OFF until the power company fully restores your power. Nothing can be more aggravating to be without AC in the hottest part of the year because of no power, and the spikes of electricity , as the Power Company turns the power on and off, kills your UNIT. then it could turn into months before you have AC again and depending on your policy may not be covered.

and as far as boarding up. Use your best judgment.. Its not so much your protecting your home from the water and wind, so much as your protecting your family and property .from flying debris and shattered glass.

Just a few things I have observed countless times.

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#2 Postby Hurritrax » Wed Mar 22, 2006 5:38 pm

Great post....with the season just around the corner, it's never to early to start preparing.

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