Hurricane Art Part 3--Harvey

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Hurricane Art Part 3--Harvey

#1 Postby storm_in_a_teacup » Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:39 pm

So...the thing I planned to do for the 25th anniversary of Andrew still isn't finished, but I will finish it this weekend, and post a link on that topic.
Right now, of course, everyone's focusing on Harvey. I'm in Los Angeles right now, but my friends and family are in Houston, so I definitely hope they will be okay. My family's house avoided being flooded in Allison, but it was only by a few inches.


I drew these for the Houston Pokemon Go community, which was basically making tons of jokes about catching water Pokemon during the flooding. It's silly, but to be honest, I kinda laugh at things I am scared of.
I know I can't straddle the atmosphere...just a tiny storm in your teacup, girl.

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