Hurricane Art Part 6--1900 Storm

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Hurricane Art Part 6--1900 Storm

#1 Postby storm_in_a_teacup » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:42 pm

So right now probably few people really are going to care about this topic, since Irma, Jose, and Katia are the big deals right now. But tonight is the anniversary of the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, and it's one of the first hurricanes I ever personified. I just am going to warn you, if you're really sensitive about a storm that happened 117 years ago you probably don't want to see these images. However, I've generally found amongst the Galvestonians I know a decent reception to the character...

Okay, on with it.

I generally do not view the hurricane avatars as particularly evil or wrathful. However, 1900 is an exception to this rule because let's face it, you don't kill 8000-12000 people on accident. So yeah, he's evil.

The default appearance of 1900 is below. Like all the hurricane avatars, he has a miniature/chibi form (which is for when he's going to interact with humans on an individual level) and a full size form which is for when he's just being a hurricane. Miniature form is to the left, of course.
My best friend refers to his full size appearance as "1900 the death king" which I think suits him perfectly

Hurricane avatars (and by extension all storm avatars) are created by summoning the spirit of a long-past storm back from the spirit world, thereby giving it a new physical form. In the 1930s open era of Galveston, two wannabe mafiosos created the avatar of the 1900 storm as part of an poorly conceived plot to take over all the casinos in the city. They failed in this because a) they summoned the hurricane back in mid-January, so it didn't come back very strong b) the ghosts of everyone who died in the storm grew outraged and attacked them for doing this c) they got a dumb idea to have the storm avatar absorb the souls of the 8000-12000 and use this to rapidly intensify and d) part c actually worked and so the storm killed them and consumed their souls.

So uh...yeah. 1900 is a necromancer. He can use human souls as an alternative power source if warm water is unavailable. Fortunately while human souls have a greater latent heat release than water they are generally thought to be harder to come by so he generally cannot use this as a way to survive inland.

Unfortunately they give him other abilities most hurricane avatars do not have such as summoning sentient storm surges that can hunt down and grab people with shadowy hands:
The waves sometimes take the form of watery jaws but I don't have a good picture of this at the moment

Or to harden the souls into a giant scythe and turn his outflow jets into wings*:
The red stuff is...Saharan Air Layer dust. Yeah, let's go with that.

His preferred manner of capturing human souls is to draw humans into him and have them die inside him. This means that he has an unfortunate tendency to take the phrase "into the teeth of the storm" WAY too literally:
Yeah, that's 1900 about to drop Galveston Island into his throat. His tongue is basically part of his storm surge, and the blackness of his throat is actually the dark clouds of his eyewall.

And of course, if you go inside him you get confronted with the fact that his whirling vortex is not only the soul of the 1900 storm given physical form**, but also contains the souls of everyone who died in the storm:
He's basically a tempest of human souls, like some of the homunculi in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Even while he's in miniature form you can sometimes hear the voices of the dead echoing from within his body.

Fortunately even other hurricanes think 1900 is way too messed up*** and he spends most of his time getting beaten up by the avatar of Hurricane Carla. His bloodlust leads him to repeatedly beach himself, get torn up over mountains, and get disemboweled by windshear because he can't be satisfied with just warm seawater...he just has to get those tasty human souls.

*I have always imagined that if hurricanes were animals, they'd be a hybrid of seabirds and predatory fish. You can see this in 1900's wings, but also in how in the image of him devouring Galveston, he seems to have gill slits.
**This also means he has the physical form of countless humans making up his physical body as well. His clouds contain organic parts integrated into the storm circulation. This means that yes, he does actually have something like a stomach and intestines that wrap around and up his eyewall that you can get dropped into if you go down his throat. That being said it is unclear whether they actually can digest organic matter or whether he simply lets it decay inside him and release heat and moisture that way. I'd post some images I drew of this, except for the fact that they would be gross.
***He does have a smidgen of compassion for the souls inside him, for he keeps them in a ghost version of Galveston that is frozen the day before the storm hit. Of course this means 1900 has to kill you first before he feels any empathy for you. That being said, it's a tad much like the Matrix, where he keeps them in a simulated version of how their lives would've been had they not died, while also continuously siphoning energy from them.
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