Mid Season Assessment

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Mid Season Assessment

#1 Postby AtlanticWind » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:34 am

After just going thru Irma here in Broward County it got me thinking as to where were at in the season with 2 new
Invests out there.I was really concerned this season was setting up to be one of the worst in history back in early
July when it became evident that el nino likely not going to be a factor.

I was telling friends and family to be prepared for a rough season as SST'S in the Atlantic were so high and the
steering current seemed to favor storms tracking further west.
Unfortunately this has been the case.

My off the cuff predictions were for 9 to 11 hurricanes and 4 or 5 majors and was hoping I was way wrong.
With the almost la Nina conditions out there I expect we are far from finished with this season (really hope I am wrong)

Just hope everybody stays safe rest of hurricane season.
Welcome comments on what everyone thinks about the 2017 season so far
and what's to come.

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