Hurricane Humor: The Nature Documentary Edition

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Hurricane Humor: The Nature Documentary Edition

#1 Postby storm_in_a_teacup » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:27 pm

"True" "Facts" about Hurricane "Ecology"

1. Hurricanes are born with their eyes shut, like puppies. While in the tropical wave stage, they rely solely on their sense of smell to identify warm ocean currents most conducive for their development.

2. The stomach of a slain hurricane can hold about 10 trillion gallons of water, enough to feed entire drought stricken regions for years. For this reason, a special Hurricane Season was instituted to prevent over-harvesting.

3. A Hurricane Hunter’s primary tools include aircraft, radar, dropsondes, and a trusty harpoon gun.

4. Due to the fact their outflows shear each other, two hurricanes cannot mate, making them infertile. However, it is possible for a hurricane to mate with an extratropical cyclone and produce hybrid storm offspring.

5. The spiral bands of a hurricane are actually the lamellae of their gills. This is why hurricanes cannot survive on land, as their circulatory system collapses.

6. A hurricane’s vision is most acute in the ultraviolet and infrared, meaning they cannot easily see through glass windows. This is why hurricanes break the windows of a house first, so they can see inside.

7. Hurricanes often swallow grit like birds in order to help them break down indigestible debris by sandblasting them.

8. Hurricanes are able to maintain a core body temperature warmer than their surroundings; however because the heat source is not their own metabolism, they are still considered to be cold-blooded.

9. The primary predator of the wild Atlantic hurricane is the nor’easter, which uses its warm conveyor to hoist hurricanes aloft and swallow them whole, as can be seen in the popular nature documentary The Perfect Storm.

10. Two hurricanes engage in the Fujiwhara interaction as a test of dominance. The end result of a Fujiwhara interaction can be a spin-out, a ring-out, or a Burst Finish.
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