Hypothetical Hurricanes

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Hypothetical Hurricanes

#1 Postby xtyphooncyclonex » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:36 am

As you all know, I'm fascinated with tropical cyclones (alongside other unrelated stuff) and been such for the past several years. Hence, I was able to come up with creating my own hypothetical cyclones, mostly Atlantic hurricanes and Pacific typhoons, and seeing the potential impacts these storms may bring. I've also included a 2018 season projection for the North Atlantic here. They're inspired by actual seasons and as a result, they may be "realistic."

Below are some of my works. Note they may be unfinished

2041 Atlantic hurricane season. This is basically 2017 on steroids. Katrina repeat. Multiple Category 5 hurricanes strike the US as a result of unusually warm waters, high vertical instability and low wind shear. Record high 5 major hurricane strikes for the US and 8 major hurricanes for the Atlantic basin in total. ACE of roughly 345. Costliest and deadliest in recorded history. 15 storms, 11 hurricanes and 8 majors. Highest ACE per storm globally, close to 23.

http://hypotheticalhurricanes.wikia.com ... yclonex%29

2022 Atlantic hurricane season. Features a streak of 10 hurricanes, similar to 2017. Hurricane Earl is basically a carbon copy of Andrew for South Florida and Louisiana, but worse. Earl is then succeeded by four more hurricanes that also hit Florida. 17 named storms, 14 hurricanes and 7 majors. ACE of roughly 362.

http://hypotheticalhurricanes.wikia.com ... yclonex%29

2018 Atlantic hurricane season. Can be a prediction for next year. Features 23 named storms, only behind 2005. Features a streak of weak storms failing to attain hurricane strength yet having 7 majors and 3 Category 5s. Includes a hurricane similar to Ivan and Ike, which is an intense long tracker striking the Houston-Galveston area and attain cat 5 for a long time. Also includes the worst Florida hurricane since Andrew. ACE of roughly 262.

http://hypotheticalhurricanes.wikia.com ... yclonex%29

Super Typhoon Choi-wan. Strongest tropical cyclone in recorded history, surpassing Tip and Patricia. Worst typhoon to ever strike the Philippines, shattering records held by Haiyan. An exceptionally large tropical cyclone in terms of diameter. Strikes Yap as a Category 5 before hammering Surigao, Southern Leyte, Bohol, Cebu, Negros, Panay and Palawan over the Philippines and as a Category 2 over Ho Chi Minh/Saigon. Unprecedented damage and death toll. First category 5 to strike Metro Cebu and a major metropolitan area of over 2.5 million since Hurricane Andrew. [Metropolitan Miami had around 4.1 million inhabitants at the time]

http://hypotheticalhurricanes.wikia.com ... n_Choi-wan
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