Most underrated/overlooked hurricanes?

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Most underrated/overlooked hurricanes?

#1 Postby supercane4867 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:25 am

What are the storms in the past seasons that were severely underrated?

This can be an underestimation of intensity or damage, and they are not as well known or frequently discussed as they should be.

This thread is in contrast to Hurricanes that never lived up the hype:

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Re: Most underrated/overlooked hurricanes?

#2 Postby USTropics » Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:35 am

The 1-2 punch of Hurricane Connie and Diane in 1955 stands out to me. Both systems brought moderate coastal effects, mainly to the Carolinas, but the real damage was the catastrophic flooding further inland.

Hurricane Connie:

Hurricane Diane:

Flooding caused by Connie was relatively uneventful and unreported, but it created ideal conditions for Hurricane Diane (which came ashore about 5 days later) to produce copious amounts of moisture over already saturated ground. Diane would remain a storm with tropical characteriscs well inland, and is a well documented case of of the processes of orographic lift.

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and New England, 129 of the 287 stream gauges reached record levels. Flooding, landslides, and excess rainfall essentially destroyed all crops in the area. Most of the flooding records from Diane still stand in Connecticut I believe, where the state was literally cut in half from bridge/road washout due to severe flooding.

Hurricane Mike
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Re: Most underrated/overlooked hurricanes?

#3 Postby Hurricane Mike » Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:05 am

Hurricane Hilda of 1964 is another often overlooked storm. It was the strongest hurricane of the 1964 season, reaching 150 mph winds (hasn't been re-analyzed yet) and weakened to a Category 3 prior to striking the Louisiana coastline. Infact, the track and time of year makes it somewhat similar to Hurricane Lili of 2002, but stronger. Hilda caused alot of damage and killed 38 people. The flooding with Hurricane Hilda was also pretty prolific, however I believe this storm was mostly forgotten to dusty hurricane history due to being overshadowed by Hurricane Betsy the following year.

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Re: Most underrated/overlooked hurricanes?

#4 Postby Shell Mound » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:46 am


1866 Bahamas (Nassau) hurricane — Struck New Providence Island, Bahamas, as a Cat-4 and killed more than 383 people along its path; late-season Cabo-Verde cyclone
1909 Monterrey hurricane — One of deadliest floods on record in Tamaulipas, Mexico, ruined parts of Monterrey, killing more than four thousand people
1909 Grand Isle hurricane — Widespread storm surge of at least fifteen feet traveled miles inland and caused 371+ deaths in Louisiana and Mississippi
1910 San Zacarias hurricane — Generated large storm surge near Corpus Christi that covered all of (South?) Padre Island; may have been a major hurricane
1910 Cyclone of the Five Days — Caused more than 116 deaths, mainly in Cuba, and significant flooding. Unofficial pressure of 918 mb on ship suggests it may have reached Cat-5.
1917 Nueva Gerona hurricane — One of the strongest hurricanes in Cuba on record destroyed part of the Isla de la Juventud, killing at least thirty-five people
1928 Haiti hurricane — A tiny storm that caused severe wind damage to SW Haiti, causing more than 210 fatalities (may have been much stronger than Cat-1)
1935 Jérémie (Haiti) hurricane — Killed over two thousand people on Hispaniola and in Central America (mainly Honduras), owing to widespread flash flooding
Hurricane Flora* — The number of rainfall records, deaths, and highly anomalous path make Flora stand out. Reanalyzed at 130 knots (150 mph) in Hispaniola.
Hurricane Francelia — Killed at least 271 people in Central America, mainly Honduras and Guatemala. Satellite and RI trends suggest it may have reached Cat-3 pre-landfall.

Central and Eastern Pacific

Hurricane Dot (1959) — One of the few known hurricanes to have struck Hawaii; winds recorded suggest it may have been a low-end Cat-2 on Kauai
Hurricane Olivia (1967) — Rare major landfall on Gulf (of California) side of Baja California; ship recorded a 939-mb (peripheral?) pressure
Hurricane Ava — Lowest recon-derived pressure (915 mb) coincided with strong Cat-4 winds in best track; likely much stronger at that point than listed
Hurricane Liza — Deadliest tropical cyclone to affect Baja California Sur, with at least 1,263 deaths noted

*One of the deadliest tropical cyclones on record in the Western Hemisphere

There are certainly many other examples, especially in the WPAC, SPAC, and Indian Ocean. A number of EPAC systems have been underestimated/overlooked, too.
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Re: Most underrated/overlooked hurricanes?

#5 Postby Ptarmigan » Sun Jul 01, 2018 7:43 pm

Hurricane Flora likely dumped higher rainfall amounts like Mitch. I would not be surprised if there was a 200 inch total. :eek:

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