Help Wanted: Developing new Storm Assessment Tool

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Help Wanted: Developing new Storm Assessment Tool

#1 Postby KC7NEC » Sun Sep 02, 2018 5:52 pm

We all have seen the public lose concern when the NHC downgrades a storm's Saffir-Simpson rating. Unfortunately, though, they forget about the potential impacts of the Surge and Rain by focusing just on Wind. I am currently working on a personal database project to create a new Storm Assessment Tool that calculates based on; Wind, Surge, and Rain. The goal is to provide information, and alert levels for all three factors in an easy to understand message. This would help to provide a context of what the threats are, and what potential things to be anticipating.

I need a few people to help with 'Beta Testing' the system and helping in the development of the protocol for the alerts. I also need someone that is good at finding the wind, surge, and rain forecasts from previous storms so we can inject them and see how the system would have rated them.

I know this is a bit confusing but here are just two pictures that show a couple of parts in the tool:

This is what the public information would look like

This is the main entry for adding information to the database for each forecast period. It should be noted that the user only enters the date/time, selects a Storm, then adds the wind, surge, and rain. The rest of the information and details are all created by automatic calculations. There will also be a form that can be used as well. The "Data" tab is used to calculate the alerts, and the "Storm" tab will compile the information for a single storm over time.

If interested send me a PM and I will be in touch in the next week.
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