Most unusual/strangest hurricane seasons?

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Re: Most unusual/strangest hurricane seasons?

#61 Postby Ryxn » Tue Dec 15, 2020 6:24 pm

I think the 1993 Pacific Hurricane Season was an oddball due to the shear amount of major hurricanes that formed close to the same time or consecutively, without any interruptions from tropical storms (besides Irwin) or minimal hurricanes. There was an insane major hurricane streak of 6 from Dora to Hillary (4 Cat. 4s) with 3 more majors after Tropical Storm Irwin, ALL Category 4s! If Hurricane Calvin was 5 mph stronger, it would have increased the streak to 7. And if Calvin was stronger and TS Irwin didn't develop at all, then the streak would have been an obscene 10 majors in a row which is absolutely crazy considering the record for most majors in the basin is 11.

1993: ... ane_season

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Re: Most unusual/strangest hurricane seasons?

#62 Postby Category5Kaiju » Thu Dec 31, 2020 3:58 pm

Every hurricane season is unique in its own ways, but obviously some seasons stand out more than others do, so I'll discuss what I think imho are the ones that stand out the most.

1992 Atlantic: featured one highly destructive Cat 5 in an otherwise very inactive and weak hurricane season (it only takes one, right?)
1992 EPAC: featured the one Cat 4 hurricane strike on Hawaii (talk about strongest Hawaiian storm on record!) and was the most active recorded EPAC season
1995 Atlantic: SURPRISE! 19 named storms and the sudden start of a +AMO period that continues to this day.
1999 Atlantic: Only 12 named storms? But wait: 5 of those were major and all of them Cat 4s!
2004 Atlantic: Oh look, an El Nino! That means this season is going to be weak and inactive right? Well, ACE in the 220s, 6 major hurricanes, and 4 hurricane strikes on Florida say otherwise.
2005 Atlantic: 4 Cat 5s, Cat 5 in July, 882 mbar hurricane, 28 named storms...ok ok I got it. You're a special one.
2007 Atlantic: Cooler sst anomalies, lots of dry air and shear, 15 named storms with 13 of them Cat 1 or less...but of course the remaining 2 became monster Cat 5s in the Caribbean and wreaked havoc.
2010 Atlantic: 19 named storms, 12 hurricanes, 5 major, yet no hurricane hit the US and most of the storms recurved off to sea...well I guess really high sst anomalies aren't always bad!
2010 EPAC: Very inactive, but apparently it still generated one Cat 5 in June!
2013 Atlantic: Cool neutral ENSO, above average sst anomalies, that'll be perfect for a hyperactive season! Or not...THC collapse and SAL pull the uno reverse card and call for a season where none of the storms reach Cat 2 or above!
2015 EPAC: One word: Patricia.
2020 Atlantic: says "hold my beer" to 2005's named storm record and wants 4 of the 6 majors to be Greek-named with Eta and Iota being so powerful and destructive (let alone in November of all months!) yet irreplaceable due to the fact that their names are not names but letters that they could change the way storms are named in the Atlantic. Alright 2020, you've been bad enough but you just had to extend your evilness with the Atlantic hurricanes.

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Re: Most unusual/strangest hurricane seasons?

#63 Postby Ptarmigan » Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:09 pm

Every season has their uniqueness.

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