Post Katrina, Rita, Gustav New Home Owners Insurance

Discuss the recovery and aftermath of landfalling hurricanes. Please be sensitive to those that have been directly impacted. Political threads will be deleted without notice. This is the place to come together not divide.

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Post Katrina, Rita, Gustav New Home Owners Insurance

#1 Postby CajunMama » Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:53 pm

So we've been insured by State Farm for the last 17 years....Homeowners, auto (3), life (5), umbrella. My son has his auto and 2 life insurance policies through us with State Farm. The only claims we've had are auto accidents. My son has 1 accident on his record. He is building a house and it should be completed in about a month. He called our State Farm agent today. State Farm is NOT WRITING ANY NEW POLICIES IN LOUISIANA. Image My head must be buried in the sand as i have not heard anything about this. Luckily we know an Allstate agent. My son called him. He will be going with Allstate and Citizens for wind and hail. He's also moving his auto over to Allstate also where the exact same coverage will cost him $94/month instead of $150/month. We're also going to change his life insurance over to Allstate also. I'm going to be calling Allstate also for the rest of my policies. State Farm wants to be like that? Then they don't deserve my many years of loyalty.

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Re: Post Katrina, Rita, Gustav New Home Owners Insurance

#2 Postby vbhoutex » Fri Oct 16, 2009 10:56 pm

I'm probably going to be looking for new homeowners insurance after this year. We are with Farmer's and they have gone up each year and I am sure they will again next year after Ike this year.
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