Member of the Month Nominations - send yours in today!

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Member of the Month Nominations - send yours in today!

#1 Postby southerngale » Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:36 am

Hey there, Storm2k'ers! Is it cold enough for you yet? Brrrr! Image It's time to send in your nomination for December's Member of the Month. Whose posts did you look forward to reading? Who stood out to you?


Please take a moment to drop me a PM with your nomination.

Please read this entire post to see who is ineligible.

Please PM me with your choice for MOTM. Do not reply with your choice. Nominations must be for someone other than yourself. :)

I'll take nominations until Wednesday at 10pm cdt.

Staff members are not eligible for MOTM.

Here's a list of the previous Member of the Month winners who are ineligible:

November, 2010: somethingfunny
October, 2010: GCANE
September, 2010: HURAKAN
June, July, August, 2010: KWT
May, 2010: Derek Ortt
March/April, 2010: MSRobi911 (May she rest in peace)
January/February, 2010: Extremeweatherguy
December, 2009: Portastorm
October/November, 2009: srainhoutx

If it's been over a year, previous winners are eligible again. For a complete list of previous MOTM winners, click here.
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