Member of the Month Nominations for April

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Member of the Month Nominations for April

#1 Postby southerngale » Mon May 02, 2005 12:32 pm

Well, here we go again, already! Time to honor another contributing member to storm2k. Please PM me with your nominations for April's MOTM. Nominations must be for someone other than yourself. :)

I will take nominations until Thursday at noon cdt.

Here's a list of the previous Member of the Month winners. If it's been over a year, previous winners are eligible again. Ineligible winners are in bold.

March 2005: Skywatch_NC
February 2005: sunny
January 2005: Miss Mary
December 2004: wxguy25
November 2004: -----
October 2004: donsutherland1 and southerngale
September 2004: Derek Ortt
August 2004: -----
July 2004: MWatkins
June 2004: Dr. Oliver
May 2004: vbhoutex
April 2004: GalvestonDuck
March 2004: Coldfront77
February 2004: Stephanie
January 2004: azsnowman
December 2003: Azskyman
November 2003: Lindaloo
October 2003: Firefighter16
September 2003: Stormsfury
August 2003: ticka1
July 2003: OtherHD and Southerngale
June 2003: Cycloneye
May 2003: MF_Dolphin
April 2003: Amanzi
March 2003:StormCrazyIowan
February 2003: chadtm80

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