Member of the Month Nominations for July

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Member of the Month Nominations for July

#1 Postby southerngale » Sun Aug 07, 2005 3:17 pm

It's time again for Member of the Month nominations. Please PM me with your choice for July. Do not reply with your choice. I'm not going to lock the thread though, because people may have questions or comments. Nominations must be for someone other than yourself. :)

I will take nominations until Tuesday at 6pm cdt. Send yours in now!

Here's a list of the previous Member of the Month winners. If it's been over a year, previous winners are eligible again. Ineligible winners are in bold.

June 2005: Floydbuster
May 2005: senorpepr
April 2005: chadtm80 and cycloneye
March 2005: Skywatch_NC
February 2005: sunny
January 2005: Miss Mary
December 2004: wxguy25
November 2004: -----
October 2004: donsutherland1 and southerngale
September 2004: Derek Ortt
August 2004: -----
July 2004: MWatkins
June 2004: Dr. Oliver
May 2004: vbhoutex
April 2004: GalvestonDuck
March 2004: Coldfront77
February 2004: Stephanie
January 2004: azsnowman
December 2003: Azskyman
November 2003: Lindaloo
October 2003: Firefighter16
September 2003: Stormsfury
August 2003: ticka1
July 2003: OtherHD and Southerngale
June 2003: Cycloneye
May 2003: MF_Dolphin
April 2003: Amanzi
March 2003:StormCrazyIowan
February 2003: chadtm80

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