Post Deleted, but no PM & reported a post, but accidentally put out the wrong reason

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Post Deleted, but no PM & reported a post, but accidentally put out the wrong reason

#1 Postby Iceresistance » Tue Feb 16, 2021 11:45 am

Please note that this is a long question:

There was a trend in the wrong direction in the Texas Winter 2020-2021 forum because it was going political, I posted a thing saying "We can't go political here, there is a very dangerous storm coming!" trying to clam down that political trend, that got deleted, but I never got a PM for that, does not getting a PM from a deleted post usually mean that I'm fine? (Usually when something like this happens, I get a PM from one of the admins as a warning, but I'm not saying that a deleted post without a PM does not mean a warning, I'm just very curious.)

Also, I've recently reported a post (Political reasons again :roll: ) on the same forum, but accidentally put out the wrong reason (I was reporting As quickly as possible) even though the descrption says the real reason why, & I can't fix the reporting (You can't only report posts once). Does that mean the description usually helps out for the Admins if you put out the wrong reason on why you reported the post?
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