Do Meteorologists Get Emails from Crackpots?

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Do Meteorologists Get Emails from Crackpots?

#1 Postby storm_in_a_teacup » Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:06 pm

One of the quirks of being in a physics department is receiving long rambling emails from random strangers claiming they have found a theory of everything. This emails are of course spammed to everyone in the department and conveniently never have any evidence or math in them. One of the most memorable emails I have received was one where the guy claimed he not only disproved Einstein and quantum mechanics but had built a device that was "capable of knocking a category 4 hurricane down to a 2."

This made me wonder: do meteorologists get these sorts of crackpots spamming them messages? If so, what are the most memorable crackpots you have seen?
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