I might go into meteorology/atmospheric science

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Tropical Storm
Tropical Storm
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I might go into meteorology/atmospheric science

#1 Postby NotSparta » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:19 pm

(sorry for the bad title, wasn't quite sure how to word it :think:)

So being in the last few years of high school, I have to plan what to do afterwards. Originally, even a few weeks ago, my plan was to go into computer science/programming. Now, I've had second thoughts about that. Recently, my age-old passion in weather came back, and I've decided I will apply to an atmospheric science program in my area in Grade 12, along with computer science applications if I don't get accepted. :D

Maybe I'll actually know things about meteorology! :lol:
This post was probably an opinion of mine, and in no way is official. Please refer to http://www.hurricanes.gov for tropical systems, or http://www.weather.gov for general meteorology related stuff.

Also, I am not Sparta :lol:

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