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Day of the dead

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:19 pm
by Astromanía
Happy day of the dead! I hope you all have a nice day remembering your lovely ones that are not longer with us but that will be always in our hearts, its a beautiful day, I will be happy to know if you are doing something special today and how the weather is in your region, I know this festivity is not that celebrated in US but it's growing with time, In Mexico we have an anually parade, the big and creative altars to remember someone special in each school, faculty of different universities, cultural places and even in some houses, Catrina's costume contest and the visit to our lovely ones in the graveyard with flowers (mostly cempasúchil) and candles, we also eat some pan de muerto and champurrado, it is a beautiful holiday, today I will talk with my lovely cat that passed away last year after being with me and loving me 9 years, I will talk also with my great aunt, and my uncle Rafael, (I was named after him 21 years ago, he was murdered by criminals in his job and I never meet him). Today in Escobedo, NL, we are at 21 °C (69 °F) with an almost cloudy but quiet sky.
Edit: I forget, we also write some calaveras, it's a satire composition in verse about the death being always the main character (named mostly as La flaca).