Gardening/yardwork observations.......

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Miss Mary

Gardening/yardwork observations.......

#1 Postby Miss Mary » Sat May 10, 2008 12:49 pm

Funny thing, I don't remember intentionally planting wild onions! I guess we'll never starve but they sure look like weeds, where I don't want anything growing but a tree and a shrub, with mulch added into an oval shape. Those pesty onions! Where do they come from? Weeds in mulch? Just curious.....

As I'm preparing for a huge party this spring (HS graduation), I'm edging, weeding, and then mulching. Since it's popular to go green now, I am beginning to envy the neighbors who have never landscaped around their foundations! Several have done the front but not the sides or back. One home is lovely, with a covered porch, they have one ornamental tree (weeping Japanese), a few flowering baskets hanging and THAT's it. Their lawn is always green and there are never tall areas of grass next to the porch or foundation. The husband works hard on their lawn. But the grass goes right up to their house. I'm guessing they are so relieved they don't have to mulch. Each time we'd add another shaped area to our yard, I knew we'd need more mulch. More plantings = more mulch. So much so that you wonder - why did we plant all this stuff? LOL

Am I ready for a condo? No, not yet but I am fully ready to admit I am not getting any younger and all this yardwork is hard work! Didn't seem to be years ago.....he he

So, let's see, if we ever win the lotto, I'll hire a company to edge, weed and mulch for me. That would be sweet!

Sometimes it all just feels like too much. You put in all these shrubs and trees, b/c well everyone else is doing don't want your house to look bare.

But now I actually admire the neighbors who have kept it simple. LOL

Well, anyway, back to my yard work. Enough ramblings from this Baby Boomer...with a sore back now!


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#2 Postby mf_dolphin » Sun May 11, 2008 12:15 am

With the new planter we just went through the mulch cycle on the whole yard as well so I understand your pain :-) . 60 bags of mulch later we're done. As least we're able to still complain :-)

Miss Mary

Re: Gardening/yardwork observations.......

#3 Postby Miss Mary » Sun May 11, 2008 9:37 am

That's true, at least we can complain. LOL

I was so tired before dinner last night.....I was yawning and could not stop.

We seeded our entire lawn, planted every shrub, every tree, edged, shaped and babied along the way. Beginning in 1989. Back then hubby said we'd "save a bundle" and we did. We also started with 1 gallon sized shrubs, a real savings. Some have grown so incredibly big, it's unbelievable. Some we'd like to move to other spots in our yard but it's too late. My once $6 1 gallon spruce type shrubs (row of 5), barely grew for a few years although I planted with Vitamin B 1 and watered when we had dry spells. After 3 years they took off and now they are 50 times larger than when we planted them. I've had to widen the grass area near them, at least 4 times. They lay over, they are so large. 6 feet tall too! Anyway, underneath they are dead in places but green on top, so one day soon I'm going to hack all 5 down, to 6 inches off the ground and see what happens. Might take a year to come back full again, but I could end up with 5 normal sized shrubs again. (I did just this with 4 holly's and they look brand new now, I took them down to the soil almost, 4 to 6 inches off the ground).

Anyway, my point, after a brief tangent, sorry, LOL was I had so much more energy back then. Oh to have it all back again....and my once good back too.....he he

I'm almost done though and then I can just trim, edge, rake mulch, weed and cut the grass for this season.

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