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Anyone interested in trading plants?

Posted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 3:51 am
by knotimpaired
Hello everyone,

My hubby and I live down here in Vieques, PR an island about 6 miles off the NE coast of Puerto Rico. We have an acre of over 200 varieties of plants and trees. I am always interested in trading with other gardeners for plants or cuttings.

Here is a partial list of what I have to offer at this time and if you do not see it do not hesitate to ask if we do. We are zone 11 but many of what we have will do great in the southern US and even further north if you take them in for the winter.

Spider lilies
Elephant ears
Basket plants
Persian Shield
Cashew trees (seedlings)
Copperleaf (cuttings)
Devil's Ivy (cuttings)
Plumeria (cuttings)
Umbrella Papyrus
Egyptian Papyrus
Water Hyacinth
Yellow Walking Iris
Guinep Trees (seedlings)
Hawaiian Ti (cuttings)
Poinsettia (cuttings)
Coconut Palms
Century Plants
Mexican Sunflower Trees (cuttings)
Q-tip plant (Starburst) (cuttings)
Screw Palms
Red Cecopia Trees
Mexican Petunias
Euphorbia Lactea (cuttings)
Root Beer Plant

Ok, maybe you get the picture. This could go on and on.

Let me know what you are looking for and what you may have to trade. If you have nothing to trade let me know and we maybe we could work something out (such as postage for sending them). Puerto Rico is part of the USPS so there is no problem shipping plants back and forth.

Also let's try to use this thread for all of those out there to post what they may have and what they are looking for.