Registered but cannot login/Never received an email

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Registered but cannot login/Never received an email

#1 Postby Meeeee » Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:49 pm

Hello, I found you guys when searching for information on hurricane Norbert. I was pretty excited about finding it and wanted to be able to post questions as I am very passionate about weather just don't know all of the terminology. I registered last week as required in order to be able to post. I just found out today about TS Odile and came straight to this site only to find that I cannot login and post. The message I get tells me that my username is inactive. Please how do I resolve this. I have scoured my email to look for the email your site said that it sent and have found nothing. I looked in all of my folders but nothing is there. Can you help? I am excited to be able to participate and start learning.

Thank you and Kind regards,

Socalsgrl---This is the username I tried to use

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