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Re: ATL: MICHAEL - Post-Tropical - Discussion

#221 Postby Macrocane » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:57 pm

Michael, you'll always be remembered as an example of strong cyclones developing from naked swirls and no model support. You were a nice cyclone and the best of all, a fish storm. See you on 2018.

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Re: ATL: MICHAEL - Post-Tropical - Discussion

#222 Postby hurricanes1234 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 6:14 pm

As I said, if you were to pick the odd storms out, Michael would definitely be alienated, simply because he was one of about four storms this year to intensify like that.

Look at all the storms so far on a whole. Let's look at Ernesto, Isaac, Joyce and Leslie for example. Notice how they all share something in common - for most of their lives they were just too large and/or disorganized to achieve anything above 85 mph. Michael was NOT like that in any way - even after weakening to 100 mph, he STILL fought his best to restrengthen - and made it back up to 105 mph, and then tried to maintain 100+ mph winds after that - that's something that the four storms above, most noticeably, Leslie, could not do; they just couldn't do it for some reason. Kirk, Gordon and Chris were also like Michael, it's just that Michael was the most impressive of all. Michael will always be remembered, because he gave our ACE a good boost, and he was a genuine overachiever. :)
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