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Re: SIO: HILDA - Post-Tropical

#21 Postby Imran_doomhaMwx » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:30 pm

Ex-TC Hilda still a prominent feature over western Australia...

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Bureau National Operations Centre

Satellite Notes for 0000UTC Chart on 30 December 2017
Issued at 11:00 am EDT Saturday on 30 December 2017

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Hilda remains prominint over the northwest interior, streaming moisture in the upper levels into a cold front over the Tasman Sea. It was this exchange of tropical moisture which brought the humid conditions
yesterday to parts of southeastern Australia.

The monsoon trough to the northwest of the continent no longer has Hilda embedded within it, and has retracted slightly further north towards Indonesia, bringing large areas of maritime storms to the region.

Large amounts of low cloud south of the continent are brought about by a ridge
of high pressure, with a cloud band further west delineating the next approaching cold front.

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