Snowiest January since 1872 in Boston

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Snowiest January since 1872 in Boston

#1 Postby cycloneye » Thu Jan 27, 2005 4:28 pm


Jan 27, 2005 — Snow continued to fall on Cape Cod in Massachusetts on Thursday as the second storm to hit New England in one week began to depart. In its wake, up to ten inches of snow had fallen as of Thursday morning, according to the NOAA National Weather Service, and the additional accumulation set new monthly records in two locations.

With 43.1 inches of snow so far, this is the snowiest January and the snowiest month in Boston since records began in 1872. The previous snowiest January was in 1996 with 39.8 inches, and the previous snowiest month was February 2003 with 41.6 inches—that month is remembered for the President's Day snowstorm, which was Boston's single snowiest storm with 27.5 inches on February 17-18.

This is also the snowiest January on record for Worcester, Mass., with 51.1 inches through Thursday morning. Previously, January 1987 held the top position with 46.8 inches. This is the second snowiest month overall, surpassed only by February 1893 with 55.0 inches. Records in Worcester date back to 1892.

In Rhode Island, Providence continues to recover from what has been the city's second snowiest January and second snowiest month on record. Wednesday's 2.2 inches of snow was not enough to bring this month's total above the existing record (for both snowiest January and snowiest month) of 37.4 inches set in January 1996. Still, the 36.7 inches that have accumulated from New Year's Day through Wednesday far exceeds the average snowfall of 9.0 inches for the same period.

Under clear skies, temperatures will remain bitterly cold in southern New England on Thursday and Friday, before a warming trend over the weekend could drive thermometers above the freezing mark

The above from NOAA.
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