Tropical Cyclone Katrina and Victor-Cindy (Katrina-Victor-Cindy?)

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Tropical Storm
Tropical Storm
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Tropical Cyclone Katrina and Victor-Cindy (Katrina-Victor-Cindy?)

#1 Postby Foxfires » Fri Jun 17, 2022 7:39 am

I've come across a Wikipedia article titled "Cyclones Katrina and Victor–Cindy". The tittle implies these are different storms and I was originally wondering why they shared an article. Basically, according to the BoM, Victor-Cindy (second named received after moving into SIO) came from the remnant low that was formerly Katrina as the low persisted into the Indian ocean.

I quote:
"The remnants of Katrina continued to move west towards the coast and finally moved north and weakened substantially east of Cairns. A weak circulation persisted for a further two weeks and drifted westwards across north Australian and into the Indian Ocean."
"Victor formed in the Indian Ocean, most likely from the remnants of Katrina which decayed in the Coral Sea two weeks previously."
"The time period from the formation of the low from which tropical cyclone Katrina formed in the Coral Sea, through until it could no longer be identified as a low in the central Indian Ocean was at least 50 days."

So my question: are Katrina and Victor-Cindy the same system? Because at least one source refers to them that way and the "50 day" sentence implies so. But

"See the portion of this summary covering the South Indian Ocean basin for the final chapter in the life of what can be referred to as Tropical Cyclone Katrina/Victor/Cindy." (although it is stated that this summary is preliminary information)

I'm asking because on any track they're considered separate systems.

Edit: I found a BoM thing that considers them the same system

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Re: Tropical Cyclone Katrina and Victor-Cindy (Katrina-Victor-Cindy?)

#2 Postby AJC3 » Thu Oct 27, 2022 5:31 pm

Long satellite movie spanning the lives of the two systems...


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