Just say "NO" to MDF and HDF....

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Just say "NO" to MDF and HDF....

#1 Postby Dionne » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:21 am

MDF and HDF....also known as medium density fiberboard and high density fiberboard.

These products are made from softwoods. The wood is crushed into particles and then reformed with a formaldehyde resin under temperature and pressure.

MDF and HDF are typically used in low end ($) cabinets and flooring. If you look close enough, you will even find these products in more expensive lines.....hidden as backs to cabinets and drawers.....and fillers in flooring.

The stuff is worthless. It cannot hold up to the introduction of any moisture. It quite literally comes apart.

In the last few years, several showroom stores have come into the market. Ya know.....the places that carry no inventory......where you go in.....look at all the pretty products.....plunk down your money and wait for your order to arrive. These stores do carry full laminate products........although the prices on MDF and HDF with a single laminate topping are very tempting.

Don't be mislead with the term "engineered" lumber. What it really means is that it is an alternative to the real thing.

This is one of those deals where you pay for what you get.

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