Xpost - new tag for posts on X (was Twitter)

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Xpost - new tag for posts on X (was Twitter)

#1 Postby tolakram » Mon Oct 16, 2023 7:33 am

It appears X is changing all NEW twitter (x.com) links to point to x.com. To support this both the old Tweet tag and a new Xpost tag are available to use. The tweet tag will stay for compatibility with older posts but most should be using the new Xpost tag.

On the tweet/xpost you want to share (PC example):


Click the share button at the lower right (already clicked in this example) and select copy link.

If the link is to x.com then use the Xpost tags as in the example below:

Code: Select all


If for some reason your link includes twitter.com as in the example below then use the Tweet tags:

Code: Select all

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